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Edenbridge Family Services Inc. is dedicated to providing services to those in need regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, income or disability. In addition, we initiate and encourage an emphasis on optimal health and the development of positive social interaction within the community. This is achieved by undershanding and adequately supporting situations that adversely affect the lives of persons served.

Philosophy Driven, Goal Centered

Edenbridge Family Services Inc. recognizes every person, regardless of circumstances, is a unique individual having worth, strengths, and needs. Each individual is entitled to live life in a way that fully acknowledges their individuality and right to be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

Our philosophy is that individuals with limited physical, behavioral, developmental and/or cognitive abilities will benefit more from a home and community-based lifestyle than from traditional institutional isolation.

This philosophy drives us to provide individuals accessing service with as normal a life as possible in an environment that offers the very best in social, physical, spiritual, culture, and academic support.

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In the few months that I have been with Edenbridge, I have already been given and been able to take advantage of many useful training opportunities. They have involved both online, and in-class settings. What I have learned has been very relevant to my daily work and has helped me to do my job better.


Edenbridge has been so good to work with, very professional and caring. We have had several great aides and have been very happy with the summer program as well. The office team have been so awesome with everything over the years. We have tried other agencies and have not had anywhere near the relationship we do now. Very happy with Edenbridge!

Mike and Lara

I feel it a privilege to express my respect and appreciation for the extraordinary job Edenbridge services have done for me on behalf of my family member. I have been with them for over 25 years and have had nothing but positive, quick, cooperative attention to our needs. I have seen genuine care for those in their charge.